Rock-solid legal evidence of integrity and time
for your documents and files.

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Trustual gives the strongest legal proof that your data existed at a specific date (proof of existence) and that it has not been changed or tampered with ever since (proof of integrity).

Certify your data

Certify any file, of any size or format, to create a permanent and legally effective proof of the existence and the integrity of the data.

Verify your data

Verify the integrity of your files instantly from any location. Advanced users can also do an independent verification using widely available open-source tools.

Keep your data confidential

We use advanced cryptographic techniques to let you certify your confidential files without disclosing their contents.

Integrate into your workflow

Add data certification into your existing workflow with our connector that integrates to 200+ services, or build your custom integration with our API.

Evidence that lasts

Trustual Data Certificates serve as long-lasting legal evidence of data existence and integrity.

We scale with your needs

Our service can handle anything from a few small files per day to thousands of Gigabytes per minute.

Stronger Data For European Companies

Proof of data integrity and existence for your business

Strengthen the probative value of your files and documents in seconds, with legal effects across the European Union.

Accelerate company-wide adoption

Start making your data stronger today without installing any software, by using our web application or our certify-by-email service.

Integrate with your IT infrastructure

Integrate Trustual into your existing workflows and tools with our enterprise-ready API and our integration connectors for 200+ services.

Examples of use cases

Contracts and Agreements

Strengthen your digitally-signed agreements with a proof of the existence and integrity of your documents with a strong legal effect within the European Union.

We can certify documents signed with any of the major digital signature providers, including DocuSign, Adobe Sign, SignNow, Hello Sign, and many others.

Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property

Protect your trade secrets and intellectual property. We can issue Data Certificates for any file, including laboratory notebooks, wireframes, and concepts, and verified for legal proof in a later dispute.

Trustual uses advanced cryptographic techniques to ensure certification can be accomplished without disclosing any data – to us or any other third party.

CCTV Recordings

Improve the evidential strength of your video surveillance system by certifying recordings in real-time.

Any format of audio or video can be certified, including H.264, MP4, DAV, and AVI.

Custom made solutions

We can develop a custom solution for your company to certify files of any format across a broad range of platforms and integrable with your existing workflows and tools.